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Whether you want to explore NetSuite best practices, explore industry trends and innovation, discover new products and solutions, or hear directly from your peers on why and how NetSuite customers grow faster – SuiteConnect Sydney has something for everyone at every stage of growth.

Agenda at a Glance

8:30 - 17:30Registration & SuiteConnect Expo
8:30 - 9:30Refreshments in SuiteConnect Expo
9:30 - 11:00Plenary Session
11:00 - 11:45Networking Break in SuiteConnect Expo
11:45 - 12:30Breakout Sessions
12:30 - 13:15Lunch in SuiteConnect Expo
13:15- 14:00Breakout Sessions
14:15 – 15:00Breakout Sessions
15:15 – 16:00Breakout Sessions
16:00 – 17:30Networking Reception in SuiteConnect Expo

Breakout Sessions

SuiteConnect Sydney will offer six unique tracks packed full of sessions featuring industry insights, best practices, customer success stories, the latest NetSuite platform capabilities and proficiency building hands-on sessions. You can build your customised agenda and secure your place in specific sessions during the registration process.

Unlock Growth

Future Proof Your Business: Scaling From Accounting Software to ERP
Cloud computing has brought to small businesses a dizzying array of business applications that were previously unaffordable or non-existent. The number of ways to extend accounting software is nearly limitless. However, business owners need to be very aware that just because it is possible to connect together multiple applications to support their operations, it may not be the most effective or efficient approach. In this session you will learn the hidden costs of working with multiple applications. Hear from NetSuite Customers including Ben Irving, COO of Mons Royale, Tom Griffith, Co-Founder of Emma & Tom’s and Christophe Verstreken, General Manager at Belgian Delights to hear about the benefits they have realised by adopting ERP for their fast-growing business.
Best Practices: Extend the Value of Your NetSuite Investment with Boomi Integration
Join Boomi and NetSuite as they discuss how they’re helping customers on their business transformational journey.  Learn first-hand how Boomi & NetSuite are critical to their success in integrating disparate applications such as Shopify, Salesforce, Snowflake and others to accelerate business outcomes. Learn about their accomplishments, lessons learned and future plans. 
Business Leaders Panel - 4 Key Strategies for Growth (Smart Company)
Hosted by Smart Company, hear from a panel of business owners and experts from organisations including San Churro Chocolateria, STM Brands and others on the key business growth strategies that have helped them along their journey. Topics covered will include how to grow sustainably, how to get your finances in order, how to make the right software decision, how to bill effectively, and stay true to your core.
Learn From the Best, and Fast-track Your Path to Success with SuiteSuccess
In this session learn how to best leverage Oracle NetSuite with the leading practices for your industry. See how NetSuite SuiteSuccess shatters the paradigm of traditional implementations with a transformative process that helps you realize your ongoing business and system requirements in record time for both new and existing customers. Also, here from several customer of varying size and stages of the journey with NetSuite, including Daniel Da Silva, Managing Director at AnyBoat. 

Enhancing and Future Proofing Your Operations

Modernise your Financial Processes with NetSuite ERP
Between dealing with an ever-increasing regulations, rapidly changing market conditions, internal controls, and corporate governance, most business leaders and finance executives do not have time to consider how new technologies could benefit their organisation. In this session see how investing in modern technologies and automation can help you focus more on strategy and less on closing the books. Additionally, here from innovators and leaders including Martin York, Head of Financial Operations at IRESS and others on how they have taken advantage of the capabilities of NetSuite as a unified business management suite to grow and future proof their businesses.
Identify and Quantify the Value of Your NetSuite Technology Investment 
Would you like to better understand the value of expanding or launching Oracle NetSuite in your organization? When embarking on any technology investment, it is important to understand the impact that the solution can have on your organization from a qualitative and quantitative standpoint. How does NetSuite help you expand into new markets, generate more revenue, increase profitability, better manage expenses, and improve productivity? In this session learn from value management experts how to identify and quantify various value drivers for your organization during the technology investment evaluation process. Additionally, hear from Kelly Podlich, Group Financial Controller of Harcourts International and Danielle Allen, Co-Owner of Two Birds Brewing on the value they have gained from their NetSuite technology investments. 
Doing More with Less: Using Integration to Automate Business Processes in NetSuite 
With today's explosion of data and applications, many companies find themselves dependent on manual processes such as manual data entry, data exports, and management via spreadsheets and email. These activities lead to delays, errors, and unnecessary expenses. The companies that efficiently automate manual processes and connect their applications find themselves doing more with less, and focusing critical resources on their core business at hand.
In this session, NetSuite experts will share best practices from connecting over 2500 NetSuite customers who use NetSuite as a hub to connect with popular applications such as Salesforce, Shopify, Zendesk, Magento, Excel, Outlook, 3PL, EDI, and hundreds of others.
Scale and Streamline Financial Complexity Across Business Units, Subsidiaries and Countries
Scaling operations across subsidiaries adds layers of complexity to finance. Challenges include the need to provide visibility at the headquarters level and within each entity while enacting processes that ensure financial controls across the extended enterprise. In this session hear from two leading organisations including REA Group on how they have grown and scaled their businesses across international markets. Also hear from NetSuite experts on how to set up financial operations up in a new country and how a best-in-class accounts payable process can eliminate risk, inefficiencies, and financial reporting challenges when running a company with multiple BUs and geographies. Topics covered include managing suppliers, staying in compliance with tax and regulatory requirements, processing invoices, executing payments to domestic and overseas suppliers, expediting the financial close, and mastering currency conversion.

Unlocking the Suite

Increase the Effectiveness of Your Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting
Streamline operations and supercharge your planning and budgeting process by deploying Oracle NetSuite’s planning and budgeting solution. The planning and budgeting solution automates and centralizes budgets, actuals, forecasts, and calculations to ensure integrity in the planning process, from summary to detail. It also offers the ability to accommodate all types of modelling, from simple expense budgeting to creating sophisticated what-if pro forma revenue forecasts and financial statements. In this session learn how planning and budgeting functionality supports all industries and business sizes and helps adjust model outcomes at the speed of business.
Optimise the Performance of Your NetSuite Solution
Oracle NetSuite advanced customer support is helping solve business problems and optimise processes every day. Have you ever wondered what problem-solving is like with a customer-dedicated advanced customer support team? During this session hear from NetSuite customers as they provide their unique perspectives into the advanced customer support process, giving you an unfettered view into the premier support offering. Learn how advanced customer support responds to certain customer behaviors and use cases, and see how to experience the benefits in your own business.
What's New and What's Next? NetSuite 20.1 and our Product Roadmap
Come and see our product team talk about how we are evolving our product to better meet the needs of our customers. During this session, we will run through some of the key enhancements in the latest product release and how these can benefit your business. As well as talking about some of the newest available features, you will see the Roadmap of what's is planned to come in the future.
Maximise Efficiency, Control Cost and Improve Collaboration with Professional Services Automation
In this session learn how the industry-leading professional services automation solution, Oracle NetSuite OpenAir, can help your services business take off with powerful resource management, project management, project accounting, billing management, and time and expense tracking. Hear how you can improve revenue, utilization, and customer satisfaction with NetSuite OpenAir.

Industry Best Practices

Accelerate Your Digital Omnichannel Growth with NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced 
In this session learn how NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA) enables you to run your entire business on a single, unified platform. Hear from Viv Paverd, National ICT Manager at HAIRHOUSE about how they have taken full advantage of the flexibility of the NetSuite platform and enhanced this with their own customisations to create multi-subsidiary, multi-location functionality for a complex and hugely successful franchise business. Also, through live demonstrations from Mike Lynch, Principal eCommerce Solutions Consultant for NetSuite, see NetSuite SCAs prebuilt B2B and B2C themes that make your site look stunning, site management tools for business users, plugins to extend your site's capabilities, SEO optimisation and more. Get the freedom to grow and evolve your online business like never before. 
Unify your CRM and ERP for a 360 Degree Customer View and Exceptional Customer Experience
The end-to-end visibility and true 360-degree view of your customer you can have at your finger-tips for real-time decision making when you combine your CRM and ERP is a good reason to get excited for any sales, marketing or business executive. During this session, hear from NetSuite domain experts and customers and learn how with NetSuite CRM, companies are able to deliver exceptional customer experience throughout the customer lifecycle; from the early stages of lead management all the way to fulfillment and post-sales support.
Managing a Supply Chain in the Cloud: NetSuite Manufacturing, WMS, and Quality Solutions
The end-to-end visibility and true 360-degree view of your customer you can have at your finger-tips for real-time decision making when you combine your CRM and ERP is a good reason to get excited for any sales, marketing or business executive. During this session, hear from NetSuite domain experts and customers and learn how with NetSuite CRM, companies are able to deliver exceptional customer experience throughout the customer lifecycle; from the early stages of lead management all the way to fulfillment and post-sales support.
The Scalable WMS Strategy: Managing your Inventory as you Grow 
Your inventory is one of your most important company assets - there is no room for inaccurate or delayed orders. Whether you are using paper today or have a mobile solution in place, your Inventory System should scale with you as your company grows. In this session, we will look at the critical change processes you should be considering – from picking strategies to technology to efficient facility design. Whatever your business, managing your growing inventory is easier than you think.

Hands-On: Getting the Most Out of NetSuite
*these sessions only available to current NetSuite customers

Customer Hands-on: Finance Fundamentals 
New to the NetSuite community or just getting started using NetSuite? This BYOD session will provide you with the perfect opportunity to learn how we can simplify your business processes and access to real-time reporting, or brush up on your fundamental NetSuite skills and on a fast-tracked path to proficiency and success. Take advantage of the chance to complete hands-on exercises with the guidance of NetSuite platform and Education experts.
Customer Hands-on: Reporting "Like a Boss"
Get the most out of your NetSuite reports and take full advantage of flexible, multi-dimensional reporting to gain real-time insights. In this session, we will look at different options for pulling relevant data, and then we’ll show you how to make your reports really pop! We’ll show you how to use features and functions like comparative period columns and variance formulas, grouping and subtotalling data to give your reports maximum impact. Finally, we’ll show you our favourite ways to communicate your reports out!
Customer Hands-on: The SuiteAnalytics Workbook
Learn about SuiteAnalytics Workbook, the new analytical tool available in NetSuite! We will explore how to create highly customisable workbooks that combine queries, pivot tables, and charts using a single tool that leverages a new data source. NetSuite experts will help attendees create complex workbooks through actions such as drag and drop editing. You will learn how to use SuiteAnalytics Workbook to perform ad-hoc diagnostic analysis, with options for instant formula validation, data refreshment, and drilling down through query results.
Insight From the Experts: Tips and Tricks for Intermediate and Advanced NetSuite Users
Whether you're an experienced Oracle NetSuite user or just keen to learn more, come to this session to listen to NetSuite experts talk about their favorite and most effective tips and tricks. Designed for more advanced NetSuite users, this session focuses on key areas of the product, including standard functionality, SuiteSolutions, and potential partner solutions. Dive deep into the suite and see how to best use it to maximize your experience and achieve your goals.

NetSuite for Partners
*these sessions only available to current NetSuite partners

Partner's Guide to Building Your Own Vertical
Adding a microvertical focus to your portfolio is a way to grow your business and differentiate your Oracle NetSuite practice. During this session learn the steps required to define your microvertical focus and the solution components needed for a traditional versus a SuiteSuccess solution. Also learn how to build effectively build a prospect list and start generating demand.
Unlock the Suite with Planning & Budgeting and Professional Services Automation 
Join us for this session where we discuss the value of developing your practice to extend license and service revenues of your customer install base beyond financials. Discover NeSuite modules that you can provide to customers alongside consulting services to enhance customer satisfaction, capture additional ARR and further embed your relationship.
It's a SuiteLife! Accelerate Your Partnership
Being part of the Oracle NetSuite Partner SuiteLife journey means taking your partnership with NetSuite to the next level of energy, growth, and client satisfaction. During this session learn how NetSuite reimagined the partner program, including its go-to-market, training, and engagement program. Hear about the support programs that partners receive as part of the SuiteLife program to accelerate their business. Whether you need to grow a new practice, expand domain expertise, or develop a growth plan for your business, NetSuite’s SuiteLife program will give you the tools to succeed.

Session Speakers

Headshot of Stephen Basford

Stephen Basford

General Manager, Systems and Compliance,

As General Manager of Systems and Compliance, Stephen is responsible for driving efficiency, control and standardisation for SprintQuip Group on a global scale. Drawing from 14 years’ experience within banking, big data and analytics, Stephen provides the knowledge and insight to ensure SprintQuip Group are utilising best-of-breed products, frameworks and methodologies in order to optimally deliver their world-class products to a varied range of top-tier customers.

Headshot of Rebecca Basile

Rebecca Basile

Business Systems Manager
Springfree Trampoline

Rebecca brings 15 years of experience in small business management, finance and systems. Joining Springfree Trampoline in 2015 a global company that has a retail presence in over 30 countries, initially as Finance and Systems Administrator before being appointed to Global Business Systems Manager in 2018. Collaborating with internal teams and external vendors to manage implementation, training options and support delivering NetSuite as a key initiative in the company’s international growth strategy.

Headshot of Mark Donnelly

Mark Donnelly

Director / Product & Technical Manager
Fulton Industries Australia

Mark Donnelly is responsible for the Product Development and Technical Sales of Fulton Industries Australia, as well as sitting on the company’s Board of Directors. Mark came to the company in late 2004 after the company amalgamated three separately owned businesses into one business in early 2004. He started with the company as a design engineer and then moved into a technical sales role and now as the Director / Product & Technical Manager and equity shareholder. Mark Donnelly holds a Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Mechatronics) from the University of Wollongong.

Headshot of Tom Griffith

Tom Griffith

Emma & Tom's

Tom Griffith, along with his friend and business partner, Emma Welsh, are the entrepreneurs behind Emma & Tom's. For over 15 years, Tom has overseen the company's rapid growth, utilising his past experience as a CFO and corporate advisor. Today, Emma & Tom's sell its range of all natural products to more than 6,000 Australian outlets, as well as exporting to a variety of overseas markets including China, Jordan, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

Headshot of Viv Paverd

Viv Paverd

National Head of ICT

Viv has a breadth of experience in Retail and Supply Chain IT systems implementations and business process improvements. Most recently the architect and program manager of the successful HAIRHOUSE NetSuite implementation which encompasses multiple NetSuite modules and customisations using the NetSuite development tools. HAIRHOUSE currently use NetSuite for most of their enterprise systems including Financials, In-store POS, E-Commerce platform, CRM, Customer loyalty program, Marketing and Inventory management providing their business with a fully integrated systems environment.

Headshot of Kelly Podlich

Kelly Podlich

Group Financial Controller
Harcourts International

Kelly Podlich is an experienced Group Financial Controller with a demonstrated history of working in the Real Estate franchising industry (since 2010). She led the NetSuite implementation for Harcourts in New Zealand and Australia and successful roll out to 150+ users. In 2018, she set up the Brisbane NetSuite User Group which currently has 70+ members and meets quarterly to share ideas, experiences and improve the use of the system.

Headshot of Philip Moon

Philip Moon

Senior Manager - ERP
REA Group

As Senior Manager – ERP, Philip is responsible for finance systems at REA Group. With over 6 years’ at REA Group, Philip has been part of a transformation program to uplift back end systems and streamline quote to cash processes. During this time, the team at REA have completed various module implementations, significant M&A activity and re-architecture of upstream systems. Philip and his team are passionate about identifying process improvements and making the lives of their stakeholders easier whilst helping them to succeed.

Headshot of Chris Morgan

Chris Morgan

Head of Operations
Street Furniture Australia

Christopher Morgan is the Head of Operations at Street Furniture Australia overseeing manufacturing, engineering, business systems and logistics. He has more than 25 years of experience leading continuous improvement programs in a wide range of manufacturing fields. A results orientated, hands-on individual with progressive management experience heavily focusing on driving change in a wide variety of industries ranging from Glass, Die-casting, General manufacturing and Engineered coatings. A strong advocate of LEAN in all aspects of the Street Furniture Australia business, not just manufacturing but across all departments. Inspired and driven by people’s desire to improve in every aspect of the business, he believes a world-class product can only come from a world-class facility, one that instils confidence in both its customers and its employees.

Headshot of Gary Smith

Gary Smith

Chief Executive Officer

Gary is CEO at BioPak, Australia’s leading supplier of compostable single-use packaging. His entrepreneurial experience and passion for sustainability led him to co-found the environmentally responsible business in 2007. Gary is a serial entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in packaging, logistics and information technology.

Headshot of Martin York

Martin York

Head of Financial Operations
Iress Ltd

As Head of Financial Operations at Iress, Martin leads the overall finance systems strategy and solution design across Australia, Europe, North America and South Africa. Martin brings more than 20 years of finance leadership and change management experience to IRESS, previously working in a variety of sectors including financial services, aviation and government. A qualified accountant, Martin has gained valuable experience in the development and management of finance shared services across multiple geographies.